Our services

As legal advisors, we offer you experienced guidance regarding both banking and financial law and capital markets transactions.

Indicative guidance for financial institutions 

Harvest offers comprehensive legal advice for anyone engaged in licensable activities. We help, among others, banks, investment fund companies, securities companies and other financial institutions in Sweden and abroad with matters such as compliance, internal audits, application procedures, financing and other types of legal issues. As an indicative advisor, we can assist you with matters such as establishment, authorisation or capital structure, to name just a few.

Close contact with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority

We maintain regular and close contact with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen), and a number of our employees have previously worked for the authority. Thanks to a large number of assignments involving the authority, we are constantly kept up to date with new rule interpretations and handling of different types of cases.

Data protection and privacy

We help companies within the financial sector to implement GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) and to adapt and review their procedures. We also assist with the relevant consents and information texts, and undertake the role of data protection officer. Among other things.

Capital Markets Transactions

We have extensive experience and specialist expertise on matters regarding different kinds of capital market transactions such as IPOs, EMTNs, high yield debt instruments and takeover bids.

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